Stowarzyszenie Rodziny Deskurów
(Association of the Deskur Family)
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We invite you to take a look at our website, which is dedicated not only to the history of the family, but also to it's living members and their future. 


Most information will be found under the menu "History of the Deskurs"



Family crest on the monument to Felix Deskur in Piaseczno - 1808


This site is still under construction and will be updated and improved regularly.



Palace at Sancygniów built in 1882 Andrzej Deskur "The Siberian" 1825-1903 owner of Sancygniów Colonel Jan Stefan Deskur 1778-1850 Bronisław Deskur "Insurrectionist in 1863" 1830-1896 "For My Grandchildren" book by Bronisław Deskur 1892


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