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Royal proclamation,

the "Indygenat"


An Indygenat is a royal proclamation recognizing foreign titles of nobility as "genuine and indubitable" Polish titles of nobility. In 1766 Stanisław August Poniatowski issued an indygenat for the Deskur (Deskour) family which has lived and served the Polish Crown for over 35 years, granting, among other things, that:


"... For time and eternity, all legitimate descendants of both genders may use the coat of arms during any private or public expeditions, on any stamps, rings, jewels, standards, shields, tents, buildings and any furniture according to their needs or their desires as is the long-standing tradition of Polish Nobility .  ... the right to enjoy all the rights, freedoms, prerogatives of the rank of nobility in Our Kingdom...


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Stanisław August Krol

(Stanislas August King)


Stanisław August Król Polski 1763-1795




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