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Family Name - French Roots - Diaspora - Emigration to Poland - Beginnings in Poland - 20th Century


The religious turbulences of the 16th & 17th centuries coupled with economic hardships prompted many Descours to leave this scenic yet rugged mountainous region. Most resettled in the warmer valleys of Ardêche as well as in the cities of Le Puy-en-Velay, Saint-Etienne and Lyon. With time some Descours found their way to Paris and other cities throughout France. Some Huguenot Descours emigrated in the 17th century to Switzerland. In 1730 the young officer Joachim-Jean-Pierre Descours emigrated to Poland thereby founding the Polish branch. In the 19th century some Descours are documented to have settled in England and Prussia. WWII and communism lead some Deskurs to leave Poland and settle in the USA and Canada.  The most prominent member of the family, Cardinal Andrzej Maria Deskur has resided in the Vatican City since 1952. Despite these various waves of migration the vast majority of the French branches (Descours) nonetheless remain in France and most of the Polish branches (Deskur) remain in Poland.


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