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Family Name - French Roots - Diaspora - Emigration to Poland - Beginnings in Poland - 20th Century

The Family Name: 

The surname Deskur has gone through a number of documented transformations since its earliest known 12th century form de Curtibus. Although this name appears more frequently in France the earliest known record of this Latinized name is from county of Catalonia in the Kingdom of Aragon, in northeastern Spain. In the year 1142 Berenguer de Curtibus, made his last will and testament leaving his castle “Puig Alder” near Sant Feliu de Pallerols to his wife and son.  In the 16th century the name was frenchified to Descours, whereby some branches of the French clan modified the name further. Variations such as Des Courtz, Descourtz, Descourts, Descour, Des Cours, des Courts, De Cours, de Las Courtz, de las Cortz, de las Corts, des Cortz and Lascours are also known to branch off from the main body of the de Curtibus family. It was not uncommon for the same person to use two similar spellings. In the 18th century a French officer Joachim-Jean-Pierre Descours (JJP) immigrated to Poland. In the “Indygenat” of 1766, the royal document recognizing the original French titles of nobility as perpetual Polish noble titles, the name was polonized first to Deskour. Within a few years the name was further polonized to the present version Deskur. The 18th and 19th centuries frequently saw the polonization of foreign names, which is why we see Schultz turning to Szulc and Chopin to Szopen. Over the course of the 19th and 20th centuries some Polish branches chose to refrenchify the name to either Descours or Descour.

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