Stowarzyszenie Rodziny Deskurów

History of the Deskurs





Profiles of notable Deskurs

Cardinal Andrzej Maria Deskur *1924

Joachim Jean-Pierre Descours (1703-1764) "Immigrant"

Felix Deskur (1784-1808) "Officer of the Duchy of Warsaw"

Jan Jerzy Deskur (1741-1816) "Member of the Grodno Sejm" Refused to sign the 2nd Partition of Poland

Salomea z Opackich Deskurowa (1753-1824) "First Polish Mother"

Jan Stefan Deskur 1778-1850 "Colonel and Saviour of the city of Lure, France"

Andrzej Deskur (1825-1903)|"The Siberian and owner of the palace at Sancygniów"

Bronisław Deskur (1830-1895) "Insurrectionist in 1863 and author of the memoirs 'For My Grandchildren"

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